How to rig and use your Line Light!


Line Light was developed by a hard-up fisherman, for hard-up fishermen, to attract more fish!

Bill Dyer

Founder Bill Dyer, pictured here, was increasingly frustrated with the available lights for fishing. He thought there must be a better way.

Several years of research and experimentation followed, until he knew he had just the right battery, just the right LED bulbs, and just the right plastic covering to keep the Line Lights working. Finally he was ready to go to market.

The result? The Line Light is the world’s first LED fishing accessory that can be paired with any lures, baits, dodgers, flashers – you name it. It can also be used with any type of fish.

With an operating depth down to 900 feet, Line Lights are good in any body of water. Whether you’re fishing in deep water, low light at dawn or dusk, or murky, muddy waters, Line Light will help you light ’em up.

Now you can use your Line Lights in saltwater as well! See more on our new and tips page.

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