Line Light


Guaranteed to attract fish, Line Light is a versatile LED light that can be attached anywhere along a fishing line. Each Line Light comes with 9 LED bulbs (red, green, and white) and a battery that’s been tested for continued use up to 150 hours at a depth of up to 900 ft.

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  • Freshwater:
To use the Line Light, simply run your fishing line through the carbon tube on the battery casing and secure with bobber stop (optional).  For best results, we recommend using the Line Light near your lure, soft bait or whatever you’re using.
 Craft putty adhesives, such as the Tacky kind you can get in some stories, work well for coating the exposed sections of the wires that plug into the battery. As long as it’s waterproof and will adhere tightly, you’re good. Be sure it covers all the exposed portions. When you’re done fishing, you can simply remove the putty if you want to save it for the next time out. (If you’re new to saltwater fishing, the reason you have to coat the wires is that if the saltwater comes into contact with the wires, electrolysis will be the result and your Line Light will no longer work.)

By the numbers:

Only 2.9 Grams
Batteries test for 150+ hours of runtime
Tested for up to 900 ft. depth
Use with any lure, bait, dodger or flasher!